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Russell A Hanscom Memorial


War Memorial


Location: (Street, Park, GPS)

Kearsage Way, Atlantic Heights neighborhood

N 43D 05.389' W070D46.323'


Date Installed:

November 11, 1956, rededicated Nov 11, 2000


Date or Era Referenced:

World War II



Boulder in a garden with a 'bronze' plaque, surrounded by granite curbing with two notations, and granite posts encircling the garden - one for each man listed on the plaque.



Russell A Hanscom Memorial Dedicated to these men who made the supreme sacrifice in WWII for God and Country Robert A Anderson, James R Birt, Raymond F Burns, Paula A. Doble, Russell A Hanscom, Robert A Harrison, Guy House, Howard L Hunt, Peter G Phillippe Jr, Edgar A Wallace, Presented by the Frank E Boom Post No 6, A.L. Portsmouth, NH, November 11, 1956



Frank E Booma Post No 6, A.L. American Legion; http://feboomapost6.org/sal.html



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.