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Plaque on North Congregational Church



Colonial Era church, historically prominent names of members and visitors

Location: (Street, Park, GPS)

Market Square, 2 Market Street,

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Date or Era Referenced:

Colonial, Revolutionary, Early Republic, Antebellum, 1671, 1712, 1789, 1855, 1837


Plaque, perhaps wooden, with painted lettering, rectangle with top peaked, affixed to the front of the brick church.


North Congregational Church, organized in 1671, present building erected in 1855 on the site of that of 1712 (which was remodeled in 1837) – Noted Members – William Whipple – Signer of the Declaration of Independence, John Langdon – Signer of the U.S. Constitution, Daniel Webster – Orator-Warden of the this church, One Minister became President of Harvard, another of Yale, President George Washington – Worshipped Here Nov. 1, 1789


The church, United Church of Christ (UCC)


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